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Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Webcast Series

Implement a Future-Proof Testing Strategy

This six-part series covers some of the biggest challenges for those working in HIL test and introduces key technologies and strategies to help overcome them in a cost-efficient way.


Reducing Cost and Complexity With a Future-Proof HIL Platform

With the significant rise in electronic complexity across industries like automotive and aerospace, engineering teams are challenged to validate embedded software functionality. The most common type of test to help with this challenge is HIL. Learn what it takes to have a future-proof HIL platform.

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Achieving Complete Test Coverage with a Flexible HIL Platform

At the current pace of innovation, embedded control systems and their requirements are constantly changing. To keep up, you need a flexible HIL platform. Learn some of the key enabling technologies, like FPGAs, RF communications, and vision, for flexible HIL test.

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Rapid Control Prototyping

Finding Defects Earlier Through Scalable HIL Testing

HIL test is an effective method of software validation to find defects and bugs before devices are deployed into the field. Explore ways to scale HIL test efficiently, including having a desktop-based HIL system that can sit at any engineer’s desk for closed-loop control and early software validation

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Enabling Accurate and Innovative Powertrain Test Systems

Automotive powertrain systems are constantly changing and being tweaked to meet continuously tightening government regulations and consumer expectations. Learn about key enabling technologies and fundamental considerations for accurate and flexible powertrain HIL test systems.

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In-Vehicle Data-Logging

Achieving Faster Development Times With Automation and Collaboration

The rise in functionality of electronics combined with shorter time-to-market expectations is forcing companies to find a way to reduce development time and cost. Discover several methods for automating your tests while also exploring strategies for improving collaboration between test and design teams in organizations.

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Architecting Large-Scale Distributed HIL Systems

Aerospace HIL test systems like iron birds in system integration labs can be quite complex and scale to be very large. Find out what makes these large systems so challenging and learn some of the techniques and technologies that can enable accurate simulations for improving product quality in an efficient way.

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