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Engineering Education Webinar Series

Accelerate Discovery in Engineering Education

These latest solutions for hands-on learning engage students and put theory into practice throughout the curriculum.

As technology continues to rapidly advance and the world becomes more interconnected, future engineers need to be industry-ready to address tomorrow’s challenges. In this complimentary webinar series, explore the latest innovative technologies and comprehensive teaching solutions, rooted on industry-based platforms, that can incorporate practical, hands-on learning experiences into your curriculum, and equip your students with the skills to succeed in research or industry.

Keynote Session: Engineering Education and the Path of Discovery

The engineering lab continues to change and NI is helping to pave the path of discovery so students can learn what they never knew and researchers can uncover what has never been known. See how NI is bringing theory to life in communications, how student devices are revolutionizing the way to learn circuits, and how the Internet of Things is becoming a powerful tool to teach systems.
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Accelerate Discovery Through Mechatronics and Controls

Learn how hands-on experience with the entire control design process readies students for engineering careers while reinforcing theoretical concepts using an integrated controls education platform.

Helping Students to Understand and Design Complex Systems

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Accelerate Discovery Through Wireless Communications

Find out how to introduce software defined radios as a hands-on platform into your wireless and digital communications courses using the same tools and resources that industry and world-leading researchers use.

Teach Wireless Communications Using Industry and Research Tools

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Accelerate Discovery Through Electronics

Give students the ability to move from theory to simulation to experimentation by integrating the NI Multisim circuit simulation capabilities with an industry-based laboratory teaching platform and portable student devices.

Enhancing Circuits and Electronics Education From Theory to Lab Investigation

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Accelerate Discovery Through Measurements and Instrumentation

Provide students with a seamless path from homework to lab work with a radically practical approach to benchtop instrumentation that combines five instruments into one device.

Experience Next Generation Instrumentation for Today's Teaching Lab

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