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Automotive Technology Days: Seven On-Demand Webcasts

Get Up to Speed on the
Latest Technologies in
Automotive Test

Watch this seven-part webcast series to learn how Alliance Partners are combining NI tools with their own applications expertise to deliver successful automotive test systems.


Keynote: Innovation in Automotive Technology

Noah Reding, NI Automotive Product Manager

NI tools are used throughout the automotive industry to test vehicles from concept to production. At many OEMs and suppliers, NI Alliance partners play a key role in delivering systems to the end user. In these webcasts, NI partners explain how they have used NI tools and their own applications expertise to deliver successful systems.

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A Cost-Efficient Scalable Platform for Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Applications

NI Alliance Partner Prevas

Modern vehicles are becoming rolling networks with control units for engines, brakes, and so on. See Prevas’ new-generation test system that aims to supply the most cost-efficient solution for testing the functionality of electronic control units (ECU), both individually and together in a network.

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Rapid Control Prototyping

Quickly Create Test Automation and Rapid Control Prototyping Focused on Automotive Applications

NI Alliance Partner Keisokugiken Corporation (KGC)

Discover how KGC has become a leader in Japan with NI Powertrain Controls and CompactRIO products.  Also learn how KGC successfully incorporated combustion analysis with engine control along with optimization using modeFrontier.

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Automate and Control Engine Test Cells

NI Alliance Partner Wineman Technology

Listen as Wineman discusses technologies and techniques used to automate and implement control in engine test cells. Wineman highlights real-world integration examples such as a variable valve timing test system, an engine hot tester, and a model-based dynamometer to walk you through implementing an engine test cell.

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In-Vehicle Data-Logging

Using Vehicle CAN Data for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Data Logging

NI Alliance Partner Signal.X Technologies

Learn how to apply CAN data from the vehicle bus in new ways to add capability to noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis and processing.

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Ensuring Optimal Infotainment Performance and Quality With PXI Solutions

NI Alliance Partner Averna

As manufacturers add features to infotainment systems, a new approach to testing is required to verify smooth interoperability of protocols and buses. Learn how Averna is addressing this need with a comprehensive strategy based on PXI instruments, a flexible hardware and software architecture, and automation capabilities.

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End of Line Test

Using a Modular Approach in Automotive Production Line Connectivity Configuration

NI Alliance Partner Circuit Check

Explore steps for configuring a high-volume, high-mix test system derived from a test specification. Also discuss standardization paths along the production line configuration, and learn how addressing test from an end-to-end strategy gives you a head start to production and a shorter time to market.

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