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Fundamentals of Building a Test System Webinar Series



Fundamentals of Building a Test System Webinar Series

It is critical you test and validate product functionality to ensure the success of your organization. Hear test engineers from Bloomy, Bose Corporation, and NI share their best practices for building a test system.

In this four-part, interactive webinar series, learn about key components to building test systems from start to finish.

Engineers from a variety of industries share personal experiences and lessons learned to help you build a test strategy that addresses your needs today and in the future. Explore best practices on topics ranging from software abstraction to software deployment as well as rack layout and signal switching strategy. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions in real time.

The series is for engineers who develop test plans as well as design and maintain test software.


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Webcast Topics

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Deploying Test Systems

Presenter: James Kostinden, Lead Software Test Engineer/Manager, Bose Corporation

Examine test system deployment best practices that range from initial hardware and software design considerations to software installation (disk replication) and subsequent updates. Gain effective approaches to developing a successful deployment process for test systems.


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Switching, Mass Interconnect, and Fixturing Considerations

Presenter: David Roohy, Systems Engineer, National Instruments

Automated test applications often require implementing a network of switches that facilitate signal routing between the variety of instrumentation in your system and the devices under test. Learn about different switching architectures and how to determine the best switching strategy to meet the needs of your test system.


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Improving ATE Test Sequence Adaptability Using HALs and MALs

Presenter: Grant Gothing, ATE Business Unit Manager, Bloomy

Hardware abstraction layers (HALs) and measurement abstraction layers (MALs) save you time, money, and frustration by reducing the impact of hardware changes, maximizing code reuse, and lessening development effort. See common options for implementing HALs and MALs, from out-of-the-box drivers to object-oriented solutions, to find the right scope of abstraction for your needs.


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Thermal and Power Planning of Automated Test Systems

Presenter: Patrick Robinson, Principal Test Engineer, National Instruments

Obtain best practices for planning cooling and power systems in automated test systems, from optimizing heat dissipation within the test rack to planning for reliable and consistent operation with power systems.


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