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Measurements and Instrumentation

Sensors, measurements, and instrumentation are the cornerstones of hands-on learning in engineering. NI is an industry leader in data acquisition (DAQ) technology and provides a variety of platforms that help educators teach sensor theory, measurement techniques, and instrumentation concepts through a seamless integration with LabVIEW system design software.

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Portable Instrumentation

myDAQ and iWorx Sensors

Complete with courseware, this solution gives students the ability to experiment with sensors for biomedical, physics, and chemistry applications using NI myDAQ.

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Teaching Laboratory

NI ELVIS and Add-On Boards

This solution walks students through the physical properties of 10 commonly used sensors to help them evaluate sensors for future applications.

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This modular platform gives researchers the ability to connect to any sensor through a library of more than 50 I/O modules with integrated signal conditioning.

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Configure your CompactDAQ system

Feature myDAQ NI ELVIS CompactDAQ
Ready-to-Use Courseware -
Programmable with LabVIEW
Educational Partner Add-ons -
Max Analog Input Sampling Rate 2 @ 200kS/s, simultaneous

1 @ 1.25 MS/s with ELVIS II

1 @ 100 MS/s with ELVIS II+

4 @ 1MS/s, simultaneous
Included signal conditioning for direct connection to sensors Yes, with add-on boards Yes, with add-on boards Yes, with C-series modules
Connection to Host PC USB USB USB, Ethernet, WiFi
Power Supply USB powered External External
I/O Count, Scalability, and Performance + ++ +++
Intended use At-home and in laboratory for hands-on, individualized learning In-lab for learning measurement and sensor theory In-lab mounted directly to apparatus (i.e. wind tunnel experiment)
Hot swappable I/O modules - -
Integrated breadboard for circuit prototyping With myProto add-on -
Teaching Concepts
Measurement theory ++ +++ +
Sensor theory ++ +++ +
Filtering and FFTs ++ ++ +++
Applied measurements in domain specific labs ++ + +++

Featured Courseware

NI ELVIS Computer-Based Instrumentation

This instructional guidebook provides an introduction to the NI ELVIS II workstation and DAQ concepts through sensors and actuators; vibration, speed, and temperature control; and photovoltaics, including the study of a solar panel. Exercises and challenge problems are included.

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