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Introduction to Engineering

The most critical time to show students the relevance of engineering is within the first year of engineering instruction. NI solutions for introduction to engineering pairs LabVIEW system design software with various educational hardware platforms to provide students and educators with hands-on learning experiences in multiple applications. Courseware is available for all solutions.

Sensors and Actuators

myDAQ and Add-On Boards

Lead students through engaging experiments and projects that measure and interact with the real world.

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Interactive Systems

myRIO and Starter Kit

Designing real systems does not have to wait until the final year of curriculum. Give students a head start with this embedded design platform.

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Basic Robotics

LabVIEW NXT Module

Prepare students for more advanced projects in their degree program by adding LabVIEW programming to LEGO® NXT projects and experiments in year one.

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Eureka! Problem Solving With LEGO

Feature myDAQ myRIO LabVIEW NXT Module
Designed for Students
Designed for Multidisciplinary Teaching
Ready-to-Use Courseware
Programmable With LabVIEW
Educational Partner Add-Ons -
Onboard Instrumentation - -
Onboard Devices - Accelerometer, LEDs, Buttons Buttons, Speaker
Portable Learning
I/O Types

2 Analog In

2 Analog Out

Audio In/Out

8 Digital I/O

1 Counter

10 Analog In

6 Analog Out

Audio In/Out

20 Digital I/O

1 Counter


2 SPI, 2 I2C

2 Quad. Encoder

3 NXT In

3 NXT Out

Connection to Host PC USB USB, WiFi USB, Bluetooth
Power Supply USB Powered External External
Industry-Standard Platform NI DAQ NI RIO N/A

Featured Courseware

NI Action Packs

Experience engineering and design concepts in a real-world context with NI Action Packs. Lessons focus on relevant topics such as heat transfer, power and energy, structures and earthquakes, exercise physiology, environmental monitoring, and more.

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