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Controls and Mechatronics

The National Instruments solution for teaching controls gives students the opportunity to go from classic control to complex applications. In collaboration with Quanser, the leading provider of high-fidelity educational control plants, NI offers complete teaching and research solutions using industry-proven real-time hardware and NI LabVIEW system design software.

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Fundamental Controls Concepts

NI ELVIS and Quanser QNETs

Enable students to gain a foundational understanding of controls theory across a breadth of application areas with these practical and engaging experiment.

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Learn about NI ELVIS

Controls Theory and Controller Design

myRIO and Quanser QUBE-Servo

Provide students with a deep understanding of core controls concepts by building proficiency in controller design and implementation.

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Advanced Teaching and Research Applications

Advanced Control Plants

From advanced courses to  post-graduate exploration, Quanser advanced control plants provide an ideal way to validate theory and research.

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Features NI ELVIS and Quanser QNETs myRIO and Quanser QUBE-Servo CompactRIO and Quanser Control Plants
Real-Time Performance -
Connection to Host PC USB USB, WiFi Ethernet
Educational Partner Add-Ons
Programmable With LabVIEW
Programmable With .m Script
Ready-to-Use Courseware
Teaching Concepts
Basic Controller Tuning
PID Control
Controller Design -
State-Space Representation
LQR & State Estimation
Nonlinear Control - -
Optimal Control - -
High-Speed Control - -

Featured Courseware

Teaching Controls With NI myRIO and Quanser QUBE-Servo

Download courseware for teaching introductory controls concepts including first-principles modeling, experimental modeling, proportional integral derivative (PID) control, and LQR optimization and more.

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