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Teaching Applications

National Instruments offers hardware, software, and courseware solutions that prepare today’s engineering students to be the innovators of tomorrow. From introductory classes to advanced system design, easily integrate NI tools into existing curriculum or re-envision your teaching lab to add hands-on learning and industry relevance.

Teaching Application Areas

Introduction to Engineering

  1. Sensors and Actuators—LEDs, thermistor, light sensor, motor, relay, speaker, piezoelectric
  2. Interactive Systems—Temperature chamber, environmental monitoring, traffic light controller
  3. Basic Robotics—Line follower, colored object sorting, autonomous vehicle

Controls and Mechatronics

  1. Control Theory and Design—Model construction, analytical PID, state-space control, estimation
  2. Sensors and Actuators—Digital, analog, pneumatic, electromechanical, hydraulic, optical
  3. Student Design—Real embedded systems complete with sensors, actuators, control
  4. Robotics—Motor drives, image processing, localization, planning, navigation

Measurements and Instrumentation

  1. Measurement Fundamentals—Statistical error, sampling theory, measurement accuracy, analog-to-digital converter
  2. Sensor Fundamentals—Thermocouples, strain gages, force sensors, signal conditioning
  3. Virtual Instrumentation—Data logging, graphical user interface design, signal processing, graphing

RF and Communications

  1. Modulation—AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, QAM
  2. Measurements—Bit error rate, error vector magnitude, constellation plots, eye diagram
  3. RF Fundamentals—Mixing, up/down conversion, harmonics, impairments
  4. Advanced Topics—OFDM, MIMO, synchronization, equalization, channel estimation

Circuits and Electronics

  1. Analog Circuits—Resistors, capacitors, inductors, power sources, switches, breadboard
  2. Digital Electronics—Logic gates, counters, state machines, Boolean algebra, VHDL
  3. Microelectronics—Diodes, operational amplifiers, BJTs, MOSFETs
  4. Power Electronics—Buck converter, boost converter, rectifier, inverter, PWM